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Investment and Marketing Consulting

Acce services include general information consultation or highly directed consultation specified by our clients.

Let us guide youAcce will walk you through the inís and outís of setting up your business in China and clearly communicate what is happening throughout the process. Our translators, translation services and cultural liaison specialists will aid you in acclimatizing to Chinese culture and customs. Acce currently provides translation services for a number of languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Acce knows the official policies governing foreign investment in China. Our financial and legal experts will represent your interests through the sometimes-daunting maze of official legalities, formalities and paperwork.

Acce provides feasibility studies, market research, social and economic analysis, product and industry research, competitive environment analysis and distribution strategies. Discretion and confidentiality are hallmarks of our services. Our Specific Consulting services provide new Market Entrants with detailed market research (social and economic analysis, product and industry research, consumer studies, competition analysis and distribution strategies), entry strategy evaluations (agent identification, joint venture potentials, merger and acquisition information) and Marketing (public relations, pricing, product promotions and strategies).

Acce can connect you with domestic funding resources or, if you wish, reputable potential business partners.

Acce always explore innovative ways to do marketing for its clients. Working together with Elotos Press Group ( ), we offer clients new way of marketing by publishing books for clients with very low costs. You might write a book about your company, your products and services and your strong competiveness, we will have your book published and distributed in China and around the world, to promote your company, your products and services. For publishing interests, please visit our partners:

Elotos Press China,

Elotos Press New Zealand,

Elotos Press Australia,

Elotos Press United Kingdom,

Elotos Press United States of America,


Import / Export Consulting

Acce can provide direction regarding import or export market potentials, distribution networks, warehousing facilities, entry ports, rail transport, trucking transport, airway delivery and all applicable laws, tariffs, trade regulations and customs requirements.

Representative Office Leasing

Setting up company complete with representatives and office staff is easily accomplished through our Representative Office Leasing service. Our trained staff brings together Western and Eastern office practices for easy communication and quality results. If you wish we can find additional land, office buildings and domestic buildings available for sale or negotiated lease arrangements. Should you wish to build we will connect you with reputable building contractors and architects.

Entry China Risk Consulting

There is an unavoidable element of risk in every business venture exploring Chinese market. Successful Risk Management is often a measure of a companyís success, knowing when to risk and what is at stake.

Acce offers you the advantages of a strong Risk Management team who are adept at:

  • identifying the risks your organization may face in China
  • providing advanced analysis tools to help you measure the risks
  • formulating risk management strategies
  • helping you cultivate and foster a strong sense of risk management within your company.

Economic Development Consulting

Acce is very aware of the impact economic development may have on population dynamics and poverty in developing countries. We believe, as does the World Bank, that the key to eliminating poverty lies in knowledge sharing, education and knowledge about technology. As part of our consulting efforts we will advise you how your decisions might impact the area in which you choose to establish your enterprise and how you might contribute to making that impact positive. For more information on the World Bank vision on poverty visit;



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